Offer Pune Tirane

Economic Development & Consulting company ltd. is a share of the largest companies in the sector of finance in the field of economy with priority in the agriculture and other department.
For the moment, the company carries out its activity in Kosovo, Macedonia and finally in New Zealand.
To meet the needs for working staff in New Tiran, Kuk, Divjak for:
Driver (3 positions);
Receptionist (3 positions);
Officer (s) (9 positions);
Analyst (s) (6 positions);
Auditor (6 positions);
Manager (s) (3 positions);
Drjetor esh (1 position);

Qualifications for Driver and Receptionist
Interested candidates must have completed at least one secondary school;
It is preferable to experience the sn position that applies.

Qualifications for Officials - Auditor - Manager e - Director esh
Bachelor, Master, Phd in business administration, economics, law, agronomy or similar fields;
Managed as an official - Auditor - Manager - Managing Director or other managerial positions (preferably 1+ years experience 3+ (own position Director s);
Developing profitable strategies and implementing vision;
Learn how to understand the principles of corporate finance and performance management principles;
Aft as on reasonable and fair estimates about the distribution of grants
Knowledge of various business functions such as marketing, PR, finance etc;
Knowledge on Profit and Loss, Balance and Money Laundering Management, and General Finance and Budgeting;
Profound knowledge on corporate governance and best management practices in general;
Mentality is deprived as an organizational and apt to be a leader;
Aft as analytic and resourceful in solving problems;
Know how to communicate and understand public speaking;
Knowledgeable English language skills, (recognition of one of the local regional languages cwill be considered an asset);
Aft to obtain consensus and get among executives, partners and partners;
Knowledge about human resources and management personnel;
Truly like negotiation;
Learn how to understand new problems quickly and to make informed choices;
Aft as to inspire confidence and create trustworthy ones;
In order to work under pressure, as well as to plan effective personal workloads to delegate;
Experience IT and culture of the highest quality of companies in the field of technology (one like).

Duties and Responsibilities
Development of high quality business strategies, operational policies and strategic plans ensuring compliance with short-term and long-term objectives;
Development of a monitoring system and value of ED & C's organization's strategies and implementation of their action plans;
Development of company culture and vision of the company;
Designing a revised organizational chart of the organization with roles and responsibilities as clear (aligned with the new strategy);
The road lifts and motivates the subordinates to advance engagement and work, and to develop a highly performing managerial team;
It oversees all operations and business activities to ensure that results are achieved and are consistent with the overall strategy and mission;
B's investment decisions to boost business and increase profitability;
Strengthen the respect of legal guidelines and internal policies for keeping the company legitimate and business ethics;
Supervises the company's fiscal activity, including budgeting, reporting and auditing;
Review financial and non-financial reports for drafting solutions and remedies;
It is based on confidence-building with key partners and stakeholders, and functions as a focal point for important interest;
Analyzes problem situations and occurrences, and provides solutions to ensure survival and growth of the company;
Mir holds deep knowledge about the markets and the company's industry;
Provides the inspirational journey to the company;
Reports to the board of directors and keeps them continuously and informed (only with the position of Director s);
Works with the executive board to determine the values cand mission and plan for short and long term goals (only for the position Director s);
It acts as the principal for the company (only for the director esh position);
Creates an environment that promotes high performance and positive morals;
Works with senior actor, chief financial officer, chief operating officer and other executives;
Ensure that all legal and regulatory documents are handled monitored and monitored compliant with the laws and regulations (only the Manager Director's position);
Identifies and addresses problems and can sit for the company;
Creates alliances and partnerships with other organizations (only the Director s);
Supervises the day-to-day operations of the company (own manager position manager);
Works for the resident resource department to ensure qualitative recruitment of staff staff when needed as needed.

How can it be applied

Candidates interested in the job should submit CVs and Motivation Letters from Date 20.07.2018 until 31.07.2018 n email address n
Note: Please enter a CV in the CV and the country you are applying for.
The only highly selected candidates will be invited for the very beginning of the interview.

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