Ofroj Vend Pune Part Time Mbasdite (anglisht) Tirane

Ring Telecom sh.p.k is a company which operates in the U.S. market, with outbound services implies direct phone contact between the agent and customer or prospect, in order to promote the products or services, and finalizing the sale.

We are searching for Sales Agents (Phone Operator).

· Must have ability to persuasively present products and services to meet customer needs, address and overcome objections, and close sales.
· Must organize work and time to ensure delivery of results and display a strong work ethic.
· Identifying the interest of potential customers towards a product or a service, allowing to plan meetings between the sales agents and the prospects that can turn into customers.
· Understanding basic concepts concerning telecommunication and how this kind of market work.

Job Requirements:
· High communication skills and fluent English
· Confident, energetic and dynamic people, who are also able to work in group.
· Prior experience in sales or telemarketing is an advantage.
· Must be competitive and stay motivated to meet work objectives
Decision making skills and problem solving

Send us your CV at humanresources@ringtc.com

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