Mundesi punesimi KUZHINIER ( Kushte/ambienti i punes Optimal) - Ne Bregdet Himare

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120,000 Leke

  • Mundesi punesimi KUZHINIER ( Kushte/ambienti i punes Optimal) - Ne Bregdet

KITCHEN EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES (Optimal Working Environment) - On the Seaside

Chef is required at Namara Restaurant in Himara. Great experience in handling seafood! Able to manage large workflows, and relationships with colleagues!

Required at the restaurant named Himara.
Working conditions are very good.
Work colleagues are professional, positive, and with integrity at work.
Food is covered (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)!
Opening hours are favorable: (with lunch break)
Payment is one of the best in the area!
There is a BONUSE in payment based on hard work and dedication!

Working hours: 11-13 hours

Working Period: (Beginning June 1 August 1) - (Ended September 15 October 30)

Interested in contacting ONLY on Whats App, not on phone: 0692438899

Pagesa 120,000 Leke
Pozicioni Kuzhinier
Arsimi Gjimnaz
Mosha E Pa Percaktuar
Qyteti - Zona Himare - Qender
Adresa Himare, Albania
Lexime 4938

Kerkohet Kuzhinier ne Restorantin me me emer ne Himare. Kerkohet eksperience e madhe ne trajtimin e produkteve te detit! I/e afte te menaxhoj fluksin e madh te punes, dhe maredheniet me koleget!

Kerkohet ne restorantin me me emer ne Himare.
Kushtet e punes jane shume te mira.
Koleget e punes jane profeioniste, pozitive, dhe me integritet ne pune.
MBULOHET ushqimi ( Mengjes, dreke, darke) !
Oraret e punes jane te favorshme: (me pushim mbas drekes)
Pagesa eshte nga me te mirat e zones!
Ka BONUSE ne pagese ne baze te punes dhe perkushtimit!

Oret e punes: 11-13 ore

Periudha e Punes: (Fillimi 1 qershor/ 1 Gusht ) - (Mbarimi: 15 Shtator/ 30 tetor)

Te interesuarit te kontaktojne VETEM ne Whats App , jo ne telefonate:
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