Specialiste e Maredhenieve Me Klientin Tirane

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45,000 Leke

  • Specialiste e Maredhenieve Me Klientin

Good Salary + Bonus Real Estate Agent

If you are ambitious and looking for a job that motivates you to grow professionally you have come to the right place. Real Deal has a vacancy for Real Estate Agent. Unlike the rest of the market we offer salaries.

You will be in regular contact with the company's customers to keep you updated on the latest Products and Offers and to provide you with any additional information they require. You'll meet potential customers closely and introduce the newest feeds. You will then update the data in the system to enrich the database.

Ideally you should have previous Sales experience over the phone or on the field. You have to be more enterprising and not look for comfort. If you enjoy interacting with people this role is for you. Action is what we ask of our employees, not perfection.

At Real Deal you will be trained in Marketing, Sales and Negotiation techniques. The work environment is very positive and colleagues support your professional growth. We expect a secure career and the skills that will serve us all our lives.

[b] Candidates must be [ b]

1. Higher education Bachelor level higher
2. Previous Sales Experience
2. Preferred age 25-35 years
3. Ready to learn new things

[b] Individual Benefits: [ b]

1. The best working conditions in Albania
2. Continuous and super quality training
3. Personal and financial growth opportunities
3. Long and secure career

[b] Submit your CV as soon as possible to: hr@realdeal.al [ b]

Pagesa 45,000 Leke
Pozicioni Specialiste e Marëdhënieve Me Klientin
Arsimi Bachelor
Mosha 20-30 Vjece
Qyteti - Zona Tirane - Blloku/Liqeni Artificial
Adresa Sami Frasheri, Qendra Metropol Kati I Ii
Lexime 217403
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Real Deal eshte ne kerkim te nje Specialiste te Maredhenieve Me Klientin

Ne kete rol ti do te kontaktosh me klientet e kompanise dhe do te kujdesesh per kerkesa te ndryshme qe ata kane. Idealisht ti ke punuar me pare ne nje rol te ngjajshem ose Call Center, je e natyrshme me njerezit dhe komunikimi eshte arma jote e forte.

Specialistja e Maredhenieve me Klientin mban marredhenie frekuente me klientet ne menyre qe te kuptoj nevojat qe ata kane e per te ofruar zgjidhjet e duhura. Real Deal ofron trajnimet me te mira ne treg ne fushen e Marketingut dhe pas disa muajsh ne ekipin tone ti do arrish nivelet me te larta profesionale.

Kandidatet duhet te kene:

1. mbaruar shkollen e larte niveli Bachelor
2. te pakten nje vit pervoje pune ne Maredhenie me Klientin
3. aftesi komunikuese dhe te bashkepunimit ne skuader

Perfitimet e individit:
1. Kushtet me te mira te punes ne Shqiperi
2. Trajnim i vazhdueshem dhe super-cilesor
3. Mundesi rritje personale dhe financiare
3. Karriere e gjate dhe e sigurte

Dergo CV-ne tende sa me pare ne adresen: info@realdeal.al

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