Frontend Angular Developer Tirane

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extra info
Pagesa 800 Euro
Pozicioni Developer
Arsimi Gjimnaz
Mosha E Pa Percaktuar
Qyteti - Zona Tirane - Blloku/Liqeni Artificial
Adresa Rruga Teodor Keko, Tirana, Albania
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Hi all
we are an Italian company looking for talented Angular Developer, with at least 1 year experience working on corp projects.
Work will be in Tirana, the first period will be in presence (we'll take all the safety rules to ensure a no risk environment) then we also consider remote working.
The candidate must have knowledge and experience on:
- Angular 7+
- Rxjs
- Typescript
- HTML, CSS and preprocessors (like Sass)
- Vanilla Javascript
- Working with REST APIs

we consider as plus:
- Knowledge of store management (NgRx, Redux)
- Knowledge of leaflet
- Material Design
- Italian (understanding/speaking)
Please send CV at
Only Italian or English

You'll be contacted for an interview as soon as possible.

ps. njoftime wants a salary specified, i put something symbolic, we discuss directly with the candidate for the salary
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