Shitet apartament 2+1 ne ‘’Brryl’’. Tirane

Shtepi ne Shitje Data: 25/05/2020 13:32

62,000 Euro

  • Shitet apartament 2+1 ne ‘’Brryl’’.
  • Shitet apartament 2+1 ne ‘’Brryl’’.
  • Shitet apartament 2+1 ne ‘’Brryl’’.
  • Shitet apartament 2+1 ne ‘’Brryl’’.

2 + 1 apartment for sale in "Brryl".

2 + 1 apartment for sale in "Brryl". The apartment is organized in two bedrooms, dining area and a living room, a toilet with natural light and a balcony. It is located on the 3rd floor of an existing building, with a total area of 71.50 m2. The area where the apartment is located offers many numerous facilities, such as a pharmacy, an ambulance center, a supermarket, etc. The apartment is an ideal investment opportunity, it is also equipped with a certificate of ownership. Price 900 euros m2 Total price 65,000 euros

Pagesa 62,000 Euro
Dhoma | Kuzhine 2+1     Mobilimi Bosh
Siperfaqa 71.00
Kati 3
Qyteti - Zona Tirane - Brryli
Adresa tek brryli
Lexime 1213

Shitet apartament 2+1 ne ‘’Brryl’’. Apartamenti eshte I organizuar ne dy dhoma gjumi, ambient ngrenie dhe nje ambient ndenjie, nje tualet me ndricim natyral dhe ballkon . Ndodhet ne katin e III te nje pallati ekzistues, me nje siperfaqe totale prej 71.50 m2. Zona qe ndodhet apartamenti te ofron shume facilitete te shumta, si farmaci, qender ambulance, supermarket etj. Apartamenti eshte nje mundesi ideale per investim, gjithashtu eshte I pajisur me certifikate pronesie. Cmimi 900 euro/m2 Cmimi total 62,000 euro