''GOLDEN PALACE'' Shitet Ultra Apartament 3+1+2 ne pallatin me cilesor te Tiranes !!! Tirane

Shtepi ne Shitje Data: 19/09/2019 22:04

233,000 Euro

  • ''GOLDEN PALACE'' Shitet Ultra Apartament 3+1+2 ne pallatin me cilesor te Tiranes !!!

'' GOLDEN PALACE '' Sell Ultra Apartment 3 + 1 + 2 in Tirana's Qualitative Palace !!!

Dinamo Stadium in Tirana's Favorite Area Sell Super Apartment 3 + 1 + 2 Toilet on the 5th floor of a 8-storey building in 2019 and equipped with two latest Technology Lift. The apartment is oriented North-East and has a very regular layout, in the building with quality works built in Tirana in recent years. The apartment is in the last phase of the works, which enables the selection according to the buyer's client and all the works are covered by the construction company such as parquet, quality doors, triplex windows, hydrosanitary with quality in the market, like all electrical installations and systems necessary. The apartment has a 125 m2 Surface area and is organized in a spacious salon along with a dining room with exit to the balcony, a matrimonial bedroom with east orientation, 2 bedrooms with spacious living space, 2 toilets with quality furnishings in the market , and a Balcony. The building is in 2019 and is in the process of being mortgaged but 100% guaranteed by the Construction Firm. Do not miss the opportunity to give your family the pleasure to live in the highest quality building and the highest living standard in Tirana, in a fantastic area with very affordable access, 5 minutes from the Artificial Lake, 5 min from the Bllok area , very close to the Stadium Selman Stermasi.

Pagesa 233,000 Euro
Dhoma | Kuzhine 3+1     Mobilimi Bosh
Siperfaqa 125.00
Kati 5
Qyteti - Zona Tirane - Komuna e parisit/Stadiumi Dinamo
Adresa Stadiumi Dinamo
Lexime 3130

Stadiumi Dinamo ne zonen me te preferuar te Tiranes, Shitet Super Apartament 3+1+2 Tualete ne katin e 5 te nje pallati 8 katesh i vitit 2019 dhe i pajisur me dy Ashensor te Teknologjis me te fundit. Apartamenti eshte i orientuar Veri-Lindje dhe ka nje Planimetri shume te rregullt, ne ndertesen me punimet me cilesore te ndertuar ne Tirane keto vitet e fundit. Apartamenti eshte ne fazen e fundit te punimeve, cka te mundeson perzgjedhjen sipas klientit bleres dhe te gjitha punimet jane te mbuluara nga Firma ndertuese si Parketin, Dyer Cilesore, Dritare Triplex, Hidrosanitare me cilesore ne treg, si te gjitha instalimet Elektrike dhe me Sistemet e Nevojshme. Apartamenti ka nje Siperfaqe 125 m2 dhe eshte i Organizuar ne nje Sallon te Bollshem sebashku me Ambjentin e Gatimit me dalje ne ballkon, nje dhome Gjumi Martimoniale me orientim nga lindja, 2 dhoma gjumi me hapsira te bollshme, 2 tualete me Hidrosantire me cilesore ne Treg, dhe nje Ballkon. Pallati eshte i vitit 2019 dhe eshte ne proces Hipotekimi por qe eshte 100% e Garantuar nga Firma Ndertuese. Mos e humbisni mundesi ti dhuroni Familjes tuaj kenaqesine te jetoni ne ndertesen me cilesore dhe me Standartin me te larte te Jeteses ne Tirane, ne nje zone fantastike me akses shume te favorshem ku jeni 5 min prane nga Liqeni Artificial, 5 min nga zona e Bllokut, shume prane Stadiumit Selman Stermasi.