Immediate Employment Opportunity !! Tirana

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60,000 Leke

  • Immediate Employment Opportunity !!

Payment 60,000 Leke
Pozicioni operatore/team leader
Arsimi Bachelor
Mosha E Pa Percaktuar
City - Zone Tirana - Blloku/Liqeni Artificial
Address Rruga Urani Pano, Tirana, Albania
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Intercom Data Service Group
Leader in telemarketing, operates in Tirana, Valona, cElbasan, Fier and Lushnje. We are looking for online marketing consultants and marketing team leaders for digital marketing campaigns with career opportunities, customer service and support, upselling, web marketing, customer management, back-office.

We offer the opportunity to grow professionally as team leader, coordinator, campaign manager and staff management of up to 700 operators and consultants.

It requires:
- Knowledge of Italian English
- Good knowledge of the main IT systems
- Excellent relational and communicative skills to work in groups
- Available to work 4 6 8 hours with preferential shifts
- With or without previous experience
-Payment up to 350 lek hour
- Contracts up to 2500 contract
- salaries ranging from 45,000 lek up to 150,000 lek for consultants
- 150,000+ salaries for the management staff
-Specific professional growth opportunities than any other competitor based solely on meritocracy!
- Daily and weekly monthly performance races and bonuses
Join now to become the best telemarketing company!
You only need to grow, we think of everything else!

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