Good Salary + Bonus Agent Tirana

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70,000 Leke

  • Good Salary + Bonus Agent

Payment 70,000 Leke
Pozicioni Real Estate Agent
Arsimi Bachelor
Mosha 20-30 Vjece
City - Zone Tirana - Blloku/Liqeni Artificial
Address Sami Frasheri, Qendra Metropol Kati I Ii
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If you are ambitious and looking for a job that pays you a lot you have come to the right place. Real Deal has two vacancies for people with work and life wishing to move to the next level of career.

In return we teach the most elite profession in the world, the Real Estate Agent, and create the conditions to earn a lot of Lek. Our agents regularly earn 1000 - 3000 Euros per month and love what they do.

What unites these people is the desire for success and not the search for a comfortable job. They come from different backgrounds and are 30 - 40 years old. Have tried some work and have realized that they are all finite paths.

You need a profession that you have for life that you can't get; a profession that sets no boundaries for your profits to pay you in relation to your engagement; a profession that fulfills and makes you proud.

Real Deal training is recognized in the Real Estate market as the most professional and complete training. The confidence you gain in Real Deal will change your life beyond imagination and you will return to your best version.

Work With Real Del and we will train so well that in a very short time you will be able to do impossible things before. You will make large transactions and clients will follow your instructions carefully.

Learning from Selling and Marketing will be your strongest weapon. Others will not understand how convincing you to do something for you. Reality will bend to your will and luck will follow from behind as a confident puppy.

[b] Candidates must be [ b]

1. Higher education Bachelor level
2. With previous work experience
2. Favorite age 30-40 years
3. Ready to learn new things

[b] Individual Benefits: [ b]

1. The best working conditions in Albania
2. Continuous and super quality training
3. Personal and financial growth opportunities
3. Long and secure career

[b] Submit your CV as soon as possible to: [ b]
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