We Look For Forex Agents (retention & Capotavola) Tirana

Offerta - Offerte di lavoro Data: 29/05/2019 01:34

380 Euro

  • We look for Forex agents (retention & capotavola)

Capital Group, Call Center with over 2 years of experience in the Albanian market, wants to employ retention and capotavola agents FOREX for languages:

-Italian 🇮🇹
-Spanish 🇪🇸

- Have one of the abovementioned languages.
-This ambition and motivation.
Full-time availability (10: 00-19: 00; weekend breaks)
-Experience in the scholarship sector is an advantage.

-Page base 400+ daily and weekly bonuses.
-For each FTD 50 bonus.
-Trained and paid quality.
- Possibly professional growth.
- Works contracts according to Albanian legislation.

Interested parties can contact one of the following contacts:
-Cel. 📱
-Email: 📧 recruiting1people@gmail.com (By submitting CVs in Italian, Spanish)
Afati i fundit i aplikimit: 31/12/2024 22:53

Payment 380 Euro
Pozicioni operator, capo tavola, retention
Arsimi Gjimnaz
Mosha E Pa Percaktuar
Citta - Zona Tirana - Tjeter zone
Indirizzo Hoxha Tahsim
Letture 107214